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Our Pension Claimline is dedicated to helping individuals identify if they have been mis-sold a pension, and if they have, we help them to make a claim for compensation. 

Mis-sold Pension Compensation

Who can make a claim?

Thousands of UK residents’ pensions have been put at risk by financial advisers

These advisers convinced them to pull their retirement money out of safe investments, in order to invest in risky often unregulated investments, with the false promise of high returns. 
Unfortunately, the average investor doesn’t know if the funds they have invested in carry a suitable level of risk for them personally.

Pension Mis-selling has been reported in many of the national newspapers. It is believed that at least a third of UK pensions have been mis-sold.

The Financial Conduct Authority has recently confirmed that at least 1.3 Million victims claim that they were mis-sold a pension. Are you one of these victims?

How can the Pension Claimline help you?

Our Pension Claimline team has represented individuals and families across the country with a range of different pension mis-selling circumstances. Each pension mis-selling scenario brings it’s own set of legal and financial considerations.

We can help you to check if you’re eligible to make a claim for compensation of up to £85,000 of your lost pension pot. Our team has already recovered Millions in compensation. 

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Mis-Sold Pension Advisors “Watch list”

Thousands of Financial Advisers and institutions are facing a flood of complaints about mis-sold pensions, the list below contains just some of the advisers that have already been held accountable for Mis-Sold Pension Claims. 

  • Greyfriars Asset Management LLP
  • C3 Financial Services Ltd formerly Foyle & Lagan
  • Grainger & Co Financial Services
  • Consumer Wealth
  • Foreman Financial Services
  • Kynaston-Carnoustie Financial Consultancy Ltd
  • Luapkram Limited (Ashton Hoyle)
  • Total Wealth Solutions Limited
  • Kingsland Financial Management
  • SFIA Limited
  • Hennessy Jones
  • Asquith Hart Financial Management LLP
  • Choices Financial Services Limited
  • Moneywise Financial Advisors Limited
  • Aspen Financial Planning

Why Pension Claimline?

We will keep you updated throughout your claim, right up to and including the recovery of your pension compensation settlement.

We will gather information about your pension and employment / previous employment, to investigate the circumstances of your pension mis-selling claim.


We will advise you on the legal steps to make your claim, and hold your hand through the entire process.


You have a higher chance of success by working with our pension claims experts, who will ensure that there are no technical grounds for turning down your claim and put you in the best possible position to receive the compensation that you are owed.


We will deal with any and all legal matters, and all the time-consuming paperwork, on your behalf.


However, you do not need to instruct us to make a claim on your behalf and if your claim is not successful you can refer it to either the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme yourself.

Are You a Victim of Pension Mis-Selling?

Pensions have been widely mis-sold by Financial advisers, banks and other financial institutions.

UK regulators have noted a dramatic rise in the number of complaints relating to pensions, with millions in refunds paid out and banks paying large fines as a result. How do you know if you are a victim?

You may have been mis-sold where:

  • You were not Given Enough Information
  • Your Pension Pack contained misleading information
  • You were given the Wrong Option
  • SIPP
  • Your new pension
  • Didn’t Shop Around for Deals
  • Ongoing Support and Fees
  • You were advised to invest in non-standard assets
  • Health & Medical Issues

If any of the above points apply to you, it is likely you could apply for mis-sold pension compensation with the help of our Pension Claimline.

"Pension Claimline made the claims process simple and easy with the support and guidance I needed"

Mr N Boston

“I’m really happy about the compensation I received. I can now get on with my life. Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work.”

Mrs L Parsons

“Pension Claimline made me feel protected and cared for. My claim was handled quickly and efficiently. I was kept up to date with every stage of my claim up to its settlement.”

Mr P Springer

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Each case is different however we will try to outline the process as clearly as possible. We offer pension mis-selling advice to anyone in the UK, covering England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


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Mis-sold Pension Compensation

"The Pru has been hit with a £24m fine for failing to encourage its customers to shop around for a better pension deal between 2008 and 2017"

Mis-sold Pension Compensation

"Payouts to savers wrongly advised to give up “gold-plated” company pensions have doubled as concerns grow that a mis-selling scandal is unfolding"

"Pension firms are facing claims for compensation totalling 100's of millions of pounds. Many investors ploughed money into unregulated schemes."

"Duped savers could each pocket a £50K windfall due to their underperforming pension schemes as part of a mammoth SIPP scandal engulfing the UK"