Which advisors mis-sold?

Thousands of UK residents’ pensions have been

put at risk by these financial advisers

The advisers convinced them to pull their retirement money out of safe investments, in order to invest in risky often unregulated investments, with the false promise of high returns. 
Unfortunately, the average investor doesn’t know if the funds they have invested in carry a suitable level of risk for them personally.

Pension Mis-selling has been reported in many of the national newspapers. It is believed that at least a third of UK pensions have been mis-sold. The Financial Conduct Authority has recently confirmed that at least 1.3 Million victims claim that they were mis-sold a pension. Are you one of these victims?

How can the Pension Claimline help you?

Our Pension Claimline team has represented individuals and families across the country with a range of different pension mis-selling circumstances. Each pension mis-selling scenario brings it’s own set of legal and financial considerations.

We can help you to check if you’re eligible to make a claim for compensation of up to £85,000 of your lost pension pot. Our team has already recovered Millions in compensation. 

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“The Pru has been hit with a £24m fine for failing to encourage its customers to shop around for a better pension deal between 2008 and 2017”

Payouts to savers wrongly advised to give up “gold-plated” company pensions have doubled as concerns grow that a mis-selling scandal is unfolding”

“Pension firms are facing claims for compensation totalling 100’s of millions of pounds. Many investors ploughed money into unregulated schemes.”

“Duped savers could each pocket a £50K windfall due to their underperforming pension schemes as part of a mammoth SIPP scandal engulfing the UK”

Prudential mis-selling of Pensions, are you eligible for compensation?

Prudential mis-selling of Pensions, are you eligible for compensation?

Existing pension customers with Prudential who were approaching retirement and bought an annuity with them between July 2008 and September 2017 could be due for compensation.   It is currently reviewing over 180,000 sales after being fined by regulator recently....

FSCS receive 662 claims against Sipp firms

FSCS receive 662 claims against Sipp firms

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has recently received 662 claims against self-invested personal pension firms CPPT Services Ltd and Lifetime Sipp.   The claims against the two firms were mainly related to Sipps, pension transfers and pension advice....

Pension mis-selling compensation payouts double

Pension mis-selling compensation payouts double

Mis sold pension compensation   The number of people claiming compensation for pensions mis-selling has doubled in the past two years according to official figures.   According to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), payments have raisen from...