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 We’re not only committed but proud to have helped our clients receive the compensation they deserve being mis-sold pensions by bad financial advisors. Our team work our tirelessly to get the result your deserve and the maximum level of compensation possible. Average compensation claims are around £25,000 for private pensions and £50,000 for final salary pensions Here are just a few of the people we have helped.

"Pension Claimline made the claims process simple and easy with the support and guidance I needed"

Mr N Boston

“I’m really happy about the compensation I received. I can now get on with my life. Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work.”

Mrs L Parsons

“Pension Claimline made me feel protected and cared for. My claim was handled quickly and efficiently. I was kept up to date with every stage of my claim up to its settlement.”

Mr P Springer

“I felt as though they really understood what I was going through. I was treated as more than just another client.”

Mrs J Scutt

“My claim was handled professionally from start to finish.”

Mr M Feely

“My family and I were very impressed by the personal service given to us throughout my claim. I would definitely recommend Pension Claimline.”

Ms A Grant

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Are You a Victim of Pension Mis-Selling?

Pensions have been widely mis-sold by Financial advisers, banks and other financial institutions.

UK regulators have noted a dramatic rise in the number of complaints relating to pensions, with millions in refunds paid out and banks paying large fines as a result. How do you know if you are a victim?

As a starting point, Pension advisers have very strict codes of practice to follow. However, the basic principle is that you may have been a victim where you were sold your pension unfairly, or not made aware of better options. You may have been mis-sold where: 

  • You were not Given Enough Information – You were not given all of the information required to make an informed decision. 
  • Your Pension Pack contained misleading information – If your pension plan contained detailed information about the new pension plan, but in some instances the information has been found to be misleading.  For example, your financial adviser could have included examples of case studies that made you believe that you would receive a certain level of pay out while this was not the case.
  • You were given the Wrong Option – You were advised to take out a personal pension, but a company scheme would have given you a better deal. You were advised to transfer from a Final Salary Company Pension.
  • SIPP – You were advised to transfer your pension to a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).
  • Your new pension was not compared to a low-cost stakeholder pension. Or you were transferred to a pension with a lower tax-free cash limit.
  • Didn’t Shop Around for Deals – You were pressured into taking out the new pension and not given the opportunity to shop around for the best deal.
  • Ongoing Support and Fees – You were not given annual reviews, ongoing support and projections, and / or charged ongoing servicing fees.
  • You were advised to invest in non-standard assets  – Such as carbon credits, green oil, overseas property, storage pods, ethical forestry, car park schemes?
  • Health & Medical Issues – The adviser failed to take into account your health and medical issues or failed to ask.

If any of the above points apply to you, it is likely you could apply for mis-sold pension compensation with the help of our Pension Claimline.

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